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About Nicole Clark

Let me introduce myself. My name is Nicole. I am the owner and CEO of ABA Centers of Florida. I’m a Navy Veteran and a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse.

I’ve been working in the autism community for more than 11 years. My greatest role, the one I relish the most, is mother.

 I created this company out of frustration with the lack of ABA services in our area. Nothing is more agonizing for a parent than wanting the best possible care for your children and being unable to find it.

My husband and I have two amazing daughters, both with autism. I decided to use my own experiences and create my own company.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping others who are going through similar situations. Now is my opportunity to make sure your children are getting the same autism care, the same respect and the same compassion I expect for my own daughters. My husband and I spent so many sleepless nights, anxious about our girls and worried about their future. I don’t want another parent or caretaker to feel that way. I want to take you by the hand and guide you through the process.

ABA Centers of Florida is not just a company to me, it is my life’s passion. I am not just here for your autistic child, I am here for you and your entire family. I believe every child is unique. Every child deserves love, respect and validation. Most of all, every child deserves to have hope and the promise of a better and brighter tomorrow.

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