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At ABA Centers of Florida, we take pride in the many resources available to those interested in learning more about ABA therapy and other autism-related services. While our website provides quick access to much of this information, such as our blog page, FAQs, news updates, and other resources, one of the easiest ways to stay on top of all things ABA is by checking out the various autism platforms with ABAFL social media.

We are committed to providing all readers with important, easy-to-access ABA therapy information. Our social media platforms are a fantastic way to stay updated at your convenience. Things change rapidly in the ABA field, from breaking updates from the CDC to dozens of upcoming events for our clients. To ensure you’re up to date with everything ABA Centers of Florida has to offer, here are some of our most popular social media channels and what you can expect from them.

ABAFL Social Media Platforms to Check Out

Facebook – The ABA Centers of Florida Facebook page is among our most popular sources for detailed information regarding ABA therapy, news & updates, events, and other fun tidbits showcasing how we do things. Here, you’ll find hundreds of photos and posts ranging from event flyers for our clients to social pics with our staff, with a little of everything in between. We update this Facebook page regularly to ensure you have all new information regarding upcoming and past events, community initiatives, informative blog posts, press releases, and more.

This social media channel also has all the relevant contact information for those looking to reach us either by phone or email. Since we’re always open and ready to help you, this is an easy way to stay connected through your devices and reach out for any questions or comments.

Instagram Looking to get a glimpse into the world of ABA therapy? If visuals are more your social media go-to, our Instagram is your best choice for staying current. On this page, you’ll find dozens of flyers for upcoming events, exciting news updates, motivational photos, and other fun insights into the ABA Centers of Florida team. You’ll even find pictures of our clinic play spaces and some of our behavior technicians hard at work helping our clients learn valuable skills.

Join in on the fun by visiting our Instagram directly or using any hashtags relating to our services, such as #ABAFL, #appliedbehavioranalysis, #abatherapy, #autism, or #ABA. This way, you can hop directly into the action even if you’re not on our page and get other key insights from relevant news sources and platforms. And our Instagram bio contains a Linktree reference landing page with quick access to our website’s valuable resources. We love the convenience of Instagram, and we hope you enjoy our dazzling photos!

Twitter Check out our Twitter for updates, event flyers, motivational quotes, and more. Twitter has always been known for its convenience and ease of access, making it a reliable way to stay current. Another huge perk of using Twitter to stay present with all things ABA therapy is the ability to connect and interact with us directly! By simply liking or retweeting one of our posts, you’ll share the information with others who may benefit from the information.

Like our Instagram page, Twitter also uses hashtags to help explore the various components of ABA therapy. Be sure to check out hashtags such as #ABAFL, #abatherapy, #abacentersofflorida, or even #abajobs to learn how you can get started on a career with our company.

TikTok The newest addition to the fleet of ABAFL social media platforms is our TikTok page. This social media website has soared in popularity over the last two or three years, and we’re hopping on board with full steam ahead! This growing page will feature video insights regarding ABA therapy and exciting initiatives for autism awareness.

With this new social media channel, we’re not interested in “going viral.” We’re interested in giving you fun and engaging content on the most popular media platform in today’s digital landscape. If you see ABA Centers of Florida on your “For You Page,” don’t hesitate to give us a like, comment, and follow! You can even favorite our videos and add them to a special folder to view later without having to search again.

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