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In-Home ABA Therapy


Home-Based ABA Therapy

Your child’s home is a safe place where they find comfort and support from the people who love them the most. That’s why ABA in-home therapy is essential. Our therapists can interact with your child in their own environment.

We will be able to get a first-hand account of your child’s behavior in the home and identify areas that need improvement.

Home-Based ABA Therapy May Include:

In-home ABA therapy helps parents and caregivers take a more active role in their child’s autism treatment. Parents can watch and learn during the sessions, which can help you better understand how to support your child’s skill development. 

Depending on your toddler’s needs, our in-home therapists will work on toilet training, getting dressed, sharing a meal with the family, and sharing toys with siblings. Our therapists can also focus on unwanted behaviors occurring in the home. They can help parents and caregivers implement the treatment outside of therapy sessions. The goal is to help not only the child, but also the family.

Family and In-Home ABA Therapy

Parents play an integral role in their child’s ABA therapy. Parents or caregivers are able to prompt their child and reinforce skills in everyday activities. Family support and participation are essential to generalizing their child’s skills outside of therapy. Parent training is a necessary part of an effective ABA program.

What to Expect from In-Home ABA Therapy

In-home ABA therapy takes place in your child’s natural environment. It’s a great choice for practicing independent living skills like personal hygiene, and it helps strengthen social skills with family members and friends.

In-home ABA therapy allows therapists to work with siblings of children with autism and help strengthen their bond. It allows therapists to observe the autistic child’s relationships with others and identify what areas need improvement. Depending on the child’s needs, family members may practice sharing and other daily interactions like sitting down for family dinner.

In-home ABA therapy also allows other family members like grandparents, aunts, and uncles to get involved with the child’s growth and development. The biggest benefit of in-home ABA therapy is the opportunity to create a larger, loving, supportive network for your child.

In-Home ABA Therapy vs Center-Based ABA Treatment

You may be wondering whether home-based ABA therapy is better than center-based ABA therapy. ABA Centers of Florida provides home-based ABA therapy because there are so many benefits to working with your child in their own environment.

Autism affects all areas of your child’s life, and life at home can be messy and busy. Our goal at ABA Centers of Florida is to help make your child’s life and your family’s life more manageable.

We understand how difficult this can be, and we want to be there for your family every step of the way. We promise your child will receive the best, most effective ABA therapy from our ABA Centers of Florida experienced team.

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