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Teen ABA Therapy

Teen ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy for Teens

Teens need customized autism treatment plans when it comes to ABA Therapy. In some cases, autism is not recognized early on but becomes more visible once a child reaches puberty.

Whether your child just received this late diagnosis or you’re dealing with changes in your child’s IEP (Individualized Education Program), ABA Centers of Florida can provide the special attention your teen with autism needs.

As your child grows into a teenager, needs change and ABA Therapy may include new goals and new plans of action.

ABA Therapy For Teens May Include: ​


The primary goal of ABA therapy with teens is teaching adaptive skills. These are the skills that enable the teen to have some level of personal independence. It also helps the teen meet standards that would be expected from someone of their own age or social group.

Our goal at ABA Centers of Florida is to use positive reinforcement to encourage appropriate behavior during this process. Adaptive behavior changes as the teen grows older and culture and society have different demands.

It’s important that the teen learns coping mechanisms that come with those demands whether it’s in school, at work, out in public with friends or at home with the family.

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