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Expressing Gratitude on National Doctors Day


March 30th is National Doctors Day, a celebration where the world’s doctors and medical professionals can receive the recognition they deserve. Dedicating a life to the treatment and betterment of others is no easy task, so this day allows us to give a big shout-out to their tireless dedication and contributions to the community.

We regularly work with physicians, pediatricians, and other healthcare providers at ABA Centers of Florida. We greatly cherish our close partnership with these professionals and the benefits this connection provides to individuals with autism. On National Doctors Day, we want to stress the importance of physicians and medical personnel in our society for a better now and an even better tomorrow.

National Doctors Day History

On March 30th, 1933, Dr. Charles B. Almond coined National Doctors Day to honor physicians. Residents of Winder, Georgia, mailed greeting cards and placed flowers on the graves of deceased doctors (the reason why red carnations are the symbolic flower of the national day). The chosen date was March 30th since, on the same day in 1841, anesthesia for surgery was used successfully for the first time. Then-President George H.W. Bush turned it into a full-time national day in 1991.

What Does National Doctors Day Mean to ABA Centers of Florida?

ABA Centers of Florida takes great pride in our close relationship with pediatricians and other medical professionals since our job largely depends on their involvement. A well-child visit with a pediatrician is often the first step toward an autism diagnosis, meaning we couldn’t provide the dedicated ABA therapy services we offer without that groundwork.

National Doctors Day allows us to cherish this connection even more than we would on a typical day. We wish to give credit where credit is due and thank every doctor who makes our industry such a uniquely rewarding experience for so many individuals.

Are You a Doctor? Let Us Give Back to You!

Keeping open communication with our doctors and physicians is so vastly important for the benefit of our clients. ABA Centers of Florida provides invaluable resources for medical professionals, and we are always ready to discuss and network with those passionate about helping others.

While we recently sent an email to our network of doctors to give thanks, we hope those who didn’t receive the message will still consider researching our services and recommending us to those who could benefit from what we do. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (844) 923-4222 for more information regarding our services or to say “hi.”

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