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ABA Centers of Florida Develops Sensory Room for Kids with Autism at Florida Panthers Games

ABA Centers of Florida Develops Sensory Room for Kids with Autism at Florida Panthers Games
Join ABA Centers of Florida at the Panthers game on April 11, 2024, for Autism Awareness Night as the Panthers compete against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

ABA Centers of Florida scored a “power play” by bringing a sensory room for kids with autism to Florida Panthers games at Amerant Bank Arena. Setting the stage for a dynamic collaboration throughout the 2024-2025 season, this alliance is more than just a win for the beloved hockey team and those touched by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other sensory sensitives. The integration of the ABA Centers of Florida’s quiet sensory room into the Amerant Bank Arena is a victory for evidence-backed autism care like ABA therapy and the entire South Florida community. 

For a peek of the new Sensory Quiet Room designed by ABA Centers of Florida and to hear from our CEO, Christopher Barnett, check out this exciting video clip from Miami’s NBC6 News:

This unique space, located on the 303 level of the arena, was made possible through a donation from ABA Centers of Florida as part of its commitment to being the Official Autism Education Partner of the Florida Panthers. With help from KultureCity, the leading nonprofit for sensory accessibility and acceptance, ABA Centers of Florida outfitted the sensory space to support inclusivity, promote autism acceptance, and encourage more community integration.

ABA Centers of Florida’s quiet sensory room is a haven and game-changer for individuals with autism and their loved ones who love attending live sports events and iconic performances, as it enables them to enjoy arena shows with confidence and allows ABA Centers of Florida to serve the community in innovative ways beyond ABA sessions!

In this blog by ABA Centers of Florida, we dive into the powerful benefits of sensory rooms and autism-friendly spaces. We’ll also explore how our incredible partnership with the Florida Panthers enhances support for families affected by autism at any age. Keep reading as we discuss the steps ABA Centers of Florida takes every day to make a positive impact on the neurodivergent community across the state of Florida.

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The Quiet Sensory Room at Amerant Bank Arena by ABA Centers of Florida

By design, ABA Centers of Florida’s quiet sensory room at the Amerant Bank Arena provides a soothing atmosphere with comforting lighting, engaging puzzles, and wooden games on the wall to offer temporary respite and relaxation for those who may need a break if things get a bit chaotic during the live event. Knowing this, you and your family can now fully immerse yourselves in shows at the arena while ensuring relaxing spaces exist for everyone, should someone in your group have sensitives or need a sensory reprieve.

We understand that families with these distinct sensitivities or conditions like autism often face obstacles while seeking out thrilling live events or even attending routine outings in their communities. That’s why we’re proud to be part of a solution that allows kids with unique sensory needs to participate alongside other fans, creating cherished memories for everyone cheering on their favorite team or entertainers.

But here’s the best part: our quiet sensory room isn’t exclusive to those on the spectrum. If you need a moment of decompression or recess, feel free to take advantage of this relaxing space during your time at Amerant Bank Arena. Just let guest services know, and they’ll do their best to accommodate your request for a well-deserved break lasting around 15 minutes or more upon request.

By providing this inclusive environment, ABA Centers of Florida helps neurodiverse families ensure that everyone can enjoy energetic events in the real world.

Enhance Your Game-Day Experience with Complimentary ABA Sensory Bundles!

For those who don’t want to miss a moment of the action to visit the sensory room but still require a little sensory support, ABA Centers of Florida proudly offers sensory bundles to enhance your experience. These specially curated bags include sensory goodies to help manage noise, lights, and the constant activity of many events at Amerant Bank Arena.

By simply requesting it at the guest service desk of the arena, you can score a free ABA Centers of Florida sensory bundle. Inside, you’ll find headphones, fidget gadgets, and other tools for physical regulation and comfort.

These bundles are our gift to you from ABA Centers of Florida. We want to ensure Florida Panther fans with ASD or other neurodivergent experiences have everything they need during intense moments to feel better and enjoy the experience to the utmost.

Why Sensory Rooms Matter

Sensory rooms matter because they offer those with autism and other conditions with symptoms related to sensory sensitivity a friendly place to decompress when they feel overstimulated under hot lights, loud noise, or massive crowds. Best of all, time spent in sensory rooms doesn’t have to occupy the entire day. In many cases, just a brief stay or a few minutes’ visit can provide tremendous relief and the ability to continue enjoying an event.

ABA Centers of Florida Believes in Sensory-Friendly Spaces

ABA Centers of Florida’s partnership and scholarship of sensory-inclusive offerings with the Florida Panthers at the Amerant Bank Arena began last year and extended through the team’s 2023 NHL Stanley Cup final. The continuation of this agreement recognizes us as an Official Autism Education Partner through June 2025.

In addition to the quiet sensory room and free bundles, our scholarship also includes specialized training led by medical professionals to teach arena employees how to recognize overstimulation in guests, how to address it adequately, and ways to keep the game vibes fun and, most importantly, safe! Research on sensory-friendly zones shows that knowledge and training employees around sensory sensitivities can improve outcomes for many experiencing them.

As ABA Centers of Florida continues to work toward creating more inclusive spaces for individuals with autism and other diverse needs to engage with, it is essential also to recognize and support organizations that are making efforts in this direction. Through partnerships with prominent sports teams and performing arts centers, we create more autism-friendly environments where families can come together and attend live events while promoting awareness and autism acceptance.

Join our email list for the latest inclusive event updates and keep checking back for more announcements on partnerships with teams like Miami Marlins and our support of inclusive programming at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts so you and your family can get back out there and enjoy the fun with more live event options to choose from!

More About ABA Centers of Florida

At ABA Centers of Florida, we provide ABA care for kids and teens with ASD using a playful approach that focuses on positive reinforcement and nurturing their existing talents. Our goal is to teach meaningful skills that make a real impact on the lives and families of those living with autism.

We understand the challenges families face when seeking ABA therapy and autism diagnostic services. That’s why we’re here to disrupt the status quo—no more long waitlists or barriers to compassionate ABA care. Our strategically located center offers incredible opportunities for developmental growth in regions like:

  • Doral
  • Miramar
  • Port Saint Lucie
  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • Boca Raton
  • Melbourne
  • Davenport
  • Kissimmee
  • Bradenton

Visit us online, give us a call at 772-773-1975, or contact us via this online form to learn more about our ABA approach. Together, let’s discover the best ABA options for your child so they can get out there and enjoy fantastic live events!

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